English Grammar Today

English Grammar Today is meant for all. The main objectives of this website are helping learners of English language understand grammatical concepts and offering more than enough practice materials in grammar, comprehension and composition.

The salient features of this site are well-graded concepts, definitions, rules and examples and elaborate explanation and practice exercises for all topics including nouns, pronouns, verbs, conjunctions and prepositions, adverbs, adjectives, tenses, determiners and synthesis of sentences. This has a wide coverage of reading, writing, listening, speaking and thinking skills through a variety of poems and stories appreciating different genres of writing and recapitulation exercises for reinforcement. The speaking activities help learners hone their conversation skills. We have presented the definitions and the examples in the simplest forms possible so that the beginners will understand them in quick-time. There are various sections on all the topics of English Language, including its grammar and usages.

English Grammar Today : Updated Contents

This website has been freshly prepared in easily readable style. The contents, prepared by senior professors and teachers, have been added by giving an update on the changes that have come into grammar, language and usage. In addition, this site also presents several items of compositions, both formal and informal, that are reflections of real life needs, which are now included in composition under various examination systems. A few essays, narrative, descriptive and reflective, humorous or ironical, on subjects of topical interest are given as examples of different styles of writing and presentation.

Students of English language are welcome to make use of this well-presented website to improve their language skills over the period of time. Repetitive visits to this website to get their doubts clarified will give dividends in the long-run. In addition to make regular visits to this website, you are requested to recommend this website to your friends and relatives who are also willing to master this International language ENGLISH.

Your SEO optimized title There are various work-sheets for the purpose of practices. You can take print-out of the PDFs of those work-sheets added in this website. To make this website interactive, we have added a column to clarify your doubts and you can send your doubts so that our English Experts will clarify your doubts in few days. Your interest in this website is highly solicited and your continuous patronage is what we expect over the period of long-run. Our association with you should become a long-term one so that both, you and we, will benefit and become happy.

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  • Paragraph Writing
  • Reading Comprehension
  • History of English
  • English Grammar
  • Precis Writing
  • Summary Writing
  • Letter Writing

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