Indirect Speech to Direct Speech

Indirect Speech to Direct Speech :

Convert the following indirect speech statements into the direct speech.

1. The teacher asked Anjali how she had guessed the right answer.

2. The salesman told the lady that that was quite a good car and that he had one just like that, himself.

3. The little boy exclaimed that the walls were so thin that if he pressed his ear against the wall, he could hear what the people in the next flat were saying.

4. The husband said that the vegetables were overcooked again. He added that he was not complaining and he was only pointing it out. His wife replied that she wished he would stop pointing things out.

5. Sneha asked Arshad if he was doing well in Bengaluru.

6. Vedant asked his mother why she hadn’t woken him up.

7. Aditi insisted that she had submitted the project report the previous week.

8. I requested my friend to help me arrange those books on that table.

9. The Principal advised the children to make a timetable of study and follow it if they wanted to avoid last minute stress.

10. The police exclaimed that the thief was very foolish if he had thought that he would get away with the robbery.

Indirect Speech to Direct Speech

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