A Collective Noun

A Collective Noun :

A Collective noun is a noun such as committee or family that is the name of a group of people or things considered as a unit.

Collective nouns can be used with a singular or plural verb as circumstances warrant.

Examples :

1. a flock of birds
2. a flock of sheep
3. a flock of goats
4. a herd of goats
5. a herd of cattle
6. a herd of elephants
7. a pack of dogs
8. a pack of wolves
9. a school of whales
10. a shoal of fish
11. a swarm of bees
12. a pride of lions
13. a fleet : a collection of ships or vessels

14. an army : a large number of soldiers conducting themselves as a unit in a disciplined manner

15. a crowd : a large number of people

16. Jury : a group of people, chosen to hear a case in a court

A Collective Noun

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