A Conjunction

A Conjunction :

A Conjunction is a word used to combine two sentences or two clauses into one sentence.

AND is a conjunction.

He is my brother. He is living in Chennai.

Here there are two sentences which can be formed into one sentence with the help of a conjunction.

1. He is my brother and living in Chennai.

This way a conjunction is used to reduce the number of words which can be deleted without spoiling the meaning of those sentences.

1. I tried to hit the balls. Instead, I hit the glass-jar.

The above two sentences are combined to form a single sentence with the help of a conjunction BUT.

1. I tried to hit the ball, but hit the glass-jar.

AND, BUT, OR, NEITHER, NOR, YET, SO, etc. are few of the conjunctions which we use regularly in our writings.

Example Sentences :

1. You have to pay the dues by today evening or to face the consequences.

2. He has applied for the job, yet did not get the job.

3. My father completed his graduation in this college so he enrolled me here.


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A Conjunction

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