A Formal Letter

A Formal Letter :

We will now learn how to write a formal letter.

Formal letters are written to people in some official position. The purpose of writing a formal letter is to request, to complain or to inform.

Formal letters are very precise and clear. They should contain all the details pertaining to matter being discussed. The tone is usually very polite, serious and formal.

Let us learn how to write a formal letter.

You had gone on a package tour. Your experience was quite unpleasant. Write a letter to the manager of the company that arranged the tour expressing your dissatisfaction. Mention the problems encountered by you and offer some suggestions so that such problems do not recur.

In order to write such a letter you begin, as usual, with writing your address on the left hand-side, just after the margin.

(Your Address)

B - 76 : Vandana Complex,
Guru Garh Extension,
New Delhi - 110 001

The address is followed by the date.

29th January – 2013

Next you have to write the address of the person to whom you are writing the letter.

(Address of The Person)

The Manager,
Happy Tours and Travels,
Connaught Place,
New Delhi -110001.

The address, whether yours or the person to whom you are writing, need not be factually correct, that is, no one is going to check whether there is indeed a complex called Vandana Complex or a company called Happy Tours and Travels! However, the address should appear to be authentic. It is not advisable to write addresses like Chocolate House, Milk Street, Sweet Land and so on.)

Next you have to write the subject.

Subject :

This is followed by the salutation.

Dear Sir,

Then begin your letter.

The formal letter also contains at least three paragraphs. However, they are slightly smaller than an informal letter.

The introduction or the first paragraph contains.

a. your details
b. details of your complaint / information

The body or the second paragraph contains.
a. greater description of the problems you faced. Mention about two to three distinct problems.
b. any other details that you may want to add.

(This part of the letter may contain more than one paragraph.)

The conclusion or the third paragraph contains.

a. a repetition of the problems stated in the first paragraph
b. some suggestions for improvement
c. an appeal to take immediate action

The signing off or leave-taking comes next

This too is on the left hand side of the page.

Yours faithfully (or) Yours truly,

The letter ends with writing your name and surname.

The format of the letter, which consists of all the elements written in bold, is very important. That and the tone of the letter distinguish it from an informal letter.

A Formal Letter

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