A Phrasal Verb

A Phrasal Verb :

A verb is considered to be a phrasal verb if it consists of two or more words. One of these words is always a. verb.

The other may be an adverb - throw away
Or a preposition - look into
Or both an adverb and preposition - Put up with

Note : The meaning of a phrasal verb is often quite different from the meaning of the verb on its own.

Example :

Get (verb) : to receive or obtain something
Get about : to move or travel from place to place
Get along : to continue, often, in spite of difficulties
Get at : to reach or find

Phrasal verbs, like all verbs, can be transitive or intransitive.

Grow out of - transitive verb
Grow up - intransitive verb

Some verbs may sometimes be transitive (with an object) and sometimes intransitive (without an object).

Example :

Anu was drawing. (Intransitive)
She was drawing a car. (Transitive)

Other verbs used transitively and intransitively are….

1. count
2. drink
3. eat
4. paint
5. play
6. practise
7. ride
8. sing
9. teach
10. telephone
11. watch
12. whistle
13. write

There are a few verbs, however, that are intransitive only. Because the reflexive pronoun has been left out.

Example :

The barber shaved Mr. Manohar and then cut his hair.
Mr. Manohar shaves every morning before going to work.

In the second sentence, the object 'himself' has been left out.

We may say….

Mr. Manohar shaves himself every morning.

It is not usual. HIMSELF is not necessary.

A Phrasal Verb

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