A Picnic

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A Picnic :

The lives of the persons residing in big cities are mechanical. They are always busy. Their minds are not free from tension. They have become the slaves of money and wealth. In spite of it, they are not happy because they think that the luxurious life will bring happiness. It is a wrong notion. Happiness doesn’t come from money and wealth. It is the state of the mind. Even the poorest of the poor will be very happy.

The modern man has completely ignored the value of leisure, rest and a short picnic every Sunday and mingling with the members of the family.

Considering these facts, the schools give more importance to extra-curricular activities. Picnic is one of such activities. Schools arrange picnics for every class at least once in a year. It is always good to go out doors. Fresh air and open sky are always welcome. It improves our health. A picnic is delightful diversion. It takes you away from your daily routine and monotonous life. It produces a soothing effect and adds charm to life. In some families, it is a regular affair. Every week end, they go out of city and pay a visit to a national park or museum or a historical place.

There is a lot of difference between a school picnic and a family one. In a school picnic, there are more friends. There is full freedom. The students can talk, sing and play as they like. But in the picnic of the family there is little bit of restriction.

A picnic is very essential and necessary one in the life of man. It makes us cheerful and smart. It is a source of know ledge. It teaches the students so many good habits such as tolerance, self-help and co-operation. In a real sense a picnic is a sort of education.

(Students must write a paragraph about the place visited by them.)

A Picnic

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