A Postman

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A Postman :

Neither snow nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night stays these carriers from swift completion of their appointed rounds. This statement adorns the main entrance of the head post office New York. The writer was William Kendal.

The above statement gives us a clear picture of a postman and his job. The postman’s job is very important to the society. At the same time, it is a very hard and tedious work. Everyday he has to go round the area of his duty irrespective of weather conditions.

The postman has to reach the post office very early. At once, he has to start his work. Mail bags are opened by a separate person and all the letters and parcels are stamped. Then the postman arranges letters, parcels and money orders according to the house number. This arrangement of letters and other article helps him a lot. His work will become easy.

The postman is very useful public servant. He brings news from relatives and friends. It may be good news or bad news. He is not perturbed about that. He has to perform his duty. In busy and business centre he has to walk to deliver the letters. It is impossible to use the cycle in such busy area. So the postman’s work is really a hard one.

The public should be polite with him. They should not mind a little negligence, when occasionally by mistake he delivers the letter in a wrong house. In order to avoid this we should write the address properly and legibly. We should not forget to write PIN code Number. When we compare to other types of job, his job is a low paid one. The postal system is the gift of the Britishers. Though our country is lagging behind in many fields, it stands first in the postal service. The Indian National Postal Network, with more than 1.5 lakhs post offices on March 1966, ranks first in the world.

A Postman

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