A Sentence

A Sentence :

Look at the following groups of words.

1. Under the banyan tree….
2. When he entered the house….
3. When he entered the house, he found his dog sitting under the banyan tree.

Which group of words makes complete sense?
The third group of words makes sense.

A group of words that makes complete sense is called a sentence.

In order to make complete sense….

A sentence begins with a capital letter.
A sentence has words placed in their proper order.
A sentence ends with a full stop, a question mark or a mark of exclamation.

Examples :

Colour blue favourite is my.
Makes no sense.
Therefore it is not a sentence.

My favourite colour is blue.
Makes complete sense.
Therefore it is a sentence.

Example Sentences :

1. He does not like what you said.
2. My daughter is getting ready to go to school.
3. Your brothers are quarreling among themselves.
4. Why are you so sad today?
5. He is my brother’s friend.
6. It is not good to scold him in font of his wife.
7. Where is my pen?
8. We are not celebrating Diwali this year.
9. Childhood was a wonderful time some fifty years ago.
10. Chennai is getting ready to face heavy-down-pour in December this year.


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  8. Exclamatory Sentence
  9. Interjections
  10. Finite Verbs
  11. Non-Finite Verbs
  12. Kinds of Sentences - 2
  13. Simple Sentence
  14. Compound Sentence
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  18. Transformation of Simple into Complex Sentences
  19. Transformation of Compound into Complex Sentences


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  7. The Noun Clause
  8. The Adjective Clause
  9. The Adverb Clause
  10. Adverb Clauses
  11. Adjective Clauses
  12. Noun Clauses
  13. Three Kinds of Clauses
  14. Sample Sentences with Clauses
  15. Simple Sentences ( Simple Sentence )
  16. Double Sentences
  17. Multiple Sentences
  18. Complex Sentences
  19. Attributive Adjuncts
  20. The Predicate
  21. Adverbial Adjuncts to Verb of Predicate
  22. Analysis of Sentences
  23. Contracted Sentences
  24. Analysis of Double Sentences
  25. Analysis of Multiple Sentences
  26. Rules for Analysing Double Sentences
  27. Rules for Analysing Multiple Sentences
  28. Analysis of Complex Sentences
  29. The Complex Sentences
  30. Analysis of Multiple Sentence
  31. The Transformation of Sentences
  32. Modes of Expressing A Condition in English Grammar
  33. Modes of Expressing A Concessional Clause
  34. Modes of Expressing A Contrasting Clause
  35. Interchange of Degrees of Comparison
  36. Synthesis of Sentences - 1
  37. Synthesis of Sentences - 2
  38. Synthesis of Sentences - 3
  39. The Principal Clause
  40. The Dependent Clause
  41. Verb in The Dependent Clause
  42. Direct Speech and Indirect Speech
  43. Kinds of Sentences
  44. Direct and Indirect Speech
  45. A Sentence without E
  46. Parsed Sentence

A Sentence

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