A Soldier in The Defence of A Nation

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A Soldier in The Defence of A Nation :

Every country whether it is big or small must and should have Defence Forces. The Defence Forces are of three kinds - Army, Navy and Airforce. The strength of each force depends upon the area of the country. The real guard and protector of the country and its citizens is the soldier and not the politician. Protecting and safe-guarding the borders of the country is very great indeed. The security and stability of the nation depends to a large extent on him. A soldier’s life is a disciplined one and a weak and feeble person cannot become a soldier.

A person after joining as a soldier has to undergo for rigorous training. This is a very difficult and hard time for him. He has to obey the orders of his commander. He must act according to the order his superiors.

When there is a war, he is face to face with death. He takes it as a normal thing. He fights to the last in order to save his mother-land. Away from home, away from his parents, wife and children, a soldiers life is really of a great sacrifice. For him defence of the country is his utmost duty.

When there is strike, communal conflicts and flood, there comes our army to help the people. Each individual, whether he is a teacher, or a clerk, or a doctor, or a worker plays his own role in his own way. But a role which a soldier plays in safeguarding the borders of our mother-land is unique paramount. In the Himalaya, Kashmir and Pakistan border our soldiers have taken their position. These areas are very cold and everything will be frozen. He has to face so many hardships.

What the Government pays is not great for his service. The condition of our soldier’s life is really a pathetic one. During china s attack on India, the condition of our Army was miserable. They had no warm clothes, no modem weapons no proper food and other things. Therefore our army suffered a lot. But now the Government has taken some measures to improve their social, economic conditions. The motto of a soldier is….

Theirs’ is not to make reply.
Theirs’ is not to reason why.
Theirs’ is but to do and die.

A Soldier in The Defence of A Nation

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