A Tale of Two Cities

A Tale of Two Cities :

Lucie was a young and beautiful girl who was in love with Charles Darnay. Lucie’s father was a doctor and had been imprisoned in Paris on false accusations of having killed a woman.

Lucie often went to meet her father in prison. One day, the French police got evidence that it was not Lucie’s father who had committed the murder but two noblemen. The noblemen were Charles Darnay’s father and uncle. They had ill treated a peasant woman who had later died.

When Lucie’s father was released from prison, she looked after him well. Lucie’s father, who had been a sick man in prison, now got back to good health. He had a lawyer, Sidney, who often visited him. Sidney fell in love with Lucie.

When Sidney came to know that Lucie was in love with Charles Darnay, he decided not to tell Lucie of his love for her. Charles and Lucie were married.

In the years to come the French revolution destroyed the peace of Lucie and Charles. Charles was arrested and sentenced by court to be executed. He was accused of having aided his uncle and father in the murder of the peasant women for which Lucie’s father too had been sentenced. Charles was innocent.

Lucie was heartbroken. Sidney, who was by Lucie’s side in these trying times, came up with a suicidal plan. Sidney’s plan was to have Charles escape to London from Paris wearing Sidney’s clothes. Sidney was the one to be executed. He told Lucie the plan.

She said, “No, Sidney, you cannot walk to your death.”

Sidney confessed his love for her and said, “This is my ultimate sacrifice.”

He went to the prison in Paris to meet Charles. In prison, with the guards back turned towards them, Sidney said, “Charles, quickly remove your clothes and give it me. Do not say a word. Here, you can wear my clothes.”

Sidney removed his clothes. Once, Charles was dressed in Sidney’s clothes, Sidney said, “Outside you will find Lucie waiting. Your train tickets to London are booked.”

“But Sidney, why are you doing this?”

Sidney just smiled and said, “Hurry Charles, Lucie’s waiting.”

The plan worked. Charles Darnay and Lucie escaped to London. Sidney was executed. He had indeed made the ultimate sacrifice.

A Tale of Two Cities

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