A Verb

A Verb :

A verb is a word to denote the action carried out by the object of the verb. That word can state the condition of the object. It can describe about the condition of the object. It can say about the action taken by the object.

As per this definition, it becomes certain there are two types of verbs used in English. They are action verbs and linking verbs.

I wrote a letter. (WROTE is an action verb.)
He is a teacher. He teaches English. (IS is a linking verb.)

And additionally, there is another type of verb which is called helping verbs.

He will come here tomorrow.
In this sentence, COME is the action verb, whereas WILL is a helping verb which indicates the time when he comes.

I have been teaching English for the last ten years.

TEACHING is the action verb.
HAVE is a helping verb.
BEEN is the linking verb.

So, if one wants to master English Grammar, one has to understand the differences among these three types of verbs which are widely used in English.

ACTION VERBS : go, come, eat, write, kill, type, see, give, get, donate, organise, teach, colour, put, see, touch, etc….The list is endless. There are so many action verbs which play the vital role in English Grammar.

HELPING VERBS : Am, is, are, was, were, being, been, be, Have, has, had, do, does, did, will, would, shall and should are called helping verbs.

For each verb in each category, we can write thousands of sentences as examples.

A Verb


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