A Visit to A Museum

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A Visit to A Museum :

A museum is defined as a building in which objects illustrating art, history, science and astronomy. So it is like a store house of hundreds of valuable things of the past and the present. So it is quite natural that the small children do not like this. But it is a must for the grown up boys and girls. A visit to a museum is both educative and a joy. So every school and college arranges this visit. In all big cities, there will be one or two museums. They may belong to the Government or a private trust. Museum requires spacious place and a fine big building. It is divided into sections or galleries to arrange articles. Arrangement of things in a museum is a troublesome affair. The following are some of the famous museums of India.

1) Nehru Memorial Museum - Delhi
2) India Museum - Kolkata
3) National Museum - Kolkata
4) Birla Technological Museum - Kolkata
5) Archaeological Museums in Satna, Sandhi Vidisha - Gwaliar
6) Salar Jung Museum - Hyderabad
7) Victoria Albert Museum - Mumbai
8) Prince of Wales Museum - Mumbai
9) Fort Museum - Chennai
10) Egmore Museum - Chennai
11) Visweswaraya Technological Museum – Bangalore

I had been to Hyderabad last year. My parents were invited to a marriage ceremony by is sister. At that time, we visited interesting places around the city of Hyderabad. We also paid a visit to the Salar Jung Museum. It took us two days to see the exhibits. Even those two days were not sufficient for us to see leisurely. Salar Jung Museum is really a great and fantastic museum. Each and every articles of the museum is still in my mind.

Salar Jung is the title awarded to the grand father of Mir Yousuf Alikhan. Mir Yousuf Alikhan, his father and grand father served as Prime Ministers to the Nizam of Hyderabad. But he left the job due to difference of opinion. After relinquishing the post of Prime Minister in 1914, he devoted his entire life in enriching his treasures of art and literature. The news of his passionate love for art had spread far and wide and his palace for ever thronged with sellers of wares from all corners of the world. He also made purchases personally during his tour abroad.

It is this labour of love of over forty years which finds a place in the portals of the Salar Jung Museum. A set of ivory chairs, said to be of Tippu Sultan of Mysore, was received only after his death. Salar Jung III died a bachelor on 2nd March 1949 at the age of 60.

The Salar Jung Museum was brought into existence in December, 1951. The administration of the Museum continued to be vested with the Salar Jung Estate Committee till 1958. The heirs or Salar Jung agreed to donate the collections to the Government of India. The Museum was transferred to the present building specially built for housing the Museum and the Library in the year 1968. There several galleries namely Indian Art, Far Eastern Art, European Art and children’s section. Apart from this a gallery is devoted to the illustrious Salar Jung family, which was mainly responsible for acquiring the collection.

It is not possible for a person to see all sections in one day. Even though most of the wonderful things had lost, still there are wonderful things to see. For instance art section, Salar Jung section and the veiled Rebecca (marble) of Italy, Mephistopheles and Margaretta, France (19th century). This sculpture has two images mentioned above. In the front it has Mephistopheles and Margarette. This is really an astonishing thing. As soon as we enter the Museum, we don’t want to leave the Museum. Such is the attraction of the Museum.

A Visit to A Museum

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