Abbreviations used in Letters

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Abbreviations used in Letters :

There are some abbreviations which should be used whenever it is essential and required. In the body of the letter avoid using of your own abbreviations like sll (shall), wl (will), sld (should), y-day (yesterday) & adt. (Adverlisement).


Sun. . Sunday
Mon. - Monday
Tues. - Tuesday
Wed. - Wednesday
Thurs. - Thursday
Fri. - Friday
Sat. - Saturday


Jan. - January
Feb. - February
Mar. - March
Apr. - April
May - May
June - June
July - July
Aug. - August
Sept. - September
Oct. - October
Nov. - November
Dec. - December

While writing the day and the month, start with the capital letter.

Kum. - Kumari
Smt. - Srimathi
Sri. - Sriyuth
Sri. - Srimathi
Chi. - Chiranjeevi
Mr. - Mister
Mrs. - Messers
Dr. - Doctor
Er. - Engineer
Prof. - Professor

Messers is used before the firm name of a business or Commercial.
Miss is used before the name of an unmarried lady.

Some technical terms

a/c. - account
amp. - ampere
c.c. - cubic centimetre
c.m. centimetre
cal. - calories
ft. - foot / feet
F.O.R. Free on rail
gm. - gram
hr. - hour
Hz. - Hertz
h.p. - Horse Power
in. - Inch
kg- - Kilogram
kw. - Kilowatt
Lb(£) - Pound
mm. - Millimetre
TMC. - Thousand Million Cubic feet
min. - Minute
MW. - Mega Watts
OZ. - Ounce
P.T.O. - Please Turn over
R.P.M. - Revolution per minute
rpm - Revolution per minute
Rs. - Rupees
S - Dollor
Ref. - Reference
reg. - regarding
Sec. - Seconds
SB - Savings bank
FD - Fixed Depositv C.a/c - current account
RD. - recurring deposit
FDR - Fixed Deposit Receipt
NO. - Number
P/B - Pass book
PN - Promisory Note
Cha - Challon
Cheq - Cheque
RBI - Reserve Bank of India
SBI - State Bank of India
PNB - Panjab National Bank
BB - Bank of Baroda
IOB - Indian Overseas Bank
SBM - State Bank of Mysore
T.C. - Transfer certificate
CC - Character certificate
LC - Leaving certificate
M.O. - Money order
T.M.O. - Telegram Money order
VPP - Value Payable post
Reg.Ack - Registered acknowledgement

It has been already mentioned that letter writing is as art in itself. But every letter will not be considered as the work of art. It requires some hints. The first and foremost thing is paper and ink. Inferior quality paper should be avoided.

If you use a type-writer or any machines, use always a good and new machine having good letter types and carbor paper and tape.

Hand writing should be good and legible. Avoid over-writing.

Follow the letter writing procedures.

When you are not in a good mood, do not reply a letter.

Use always a good pen.

Abbreviations used in Letters

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