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Abhorrent to :

ABHORRENT : (adjective)

Abhorrent to :

Meanings :

1. deeply disliked

2. repugnant

3. inspiring disgust and loathing

4. morally very bad

Example Sentences :

1. The killing of animals for food is abhorrent to people.

2. Cruel punishment is abhorrent to a civilized society like ours.

3. Casteism of any kind is abhorrent to all of us.

4. Violence is abhorrent to her gentle nature.

5. The daughter who killed her father was abhorrent to gods as well as to men.

6. What they are doing is abhorrent both to the Protestant people and Catholic people.

7. Killing of animals for food is totally abhorrent to me.

8. Communal fighting was abhorrent to him.

9. Racial discrimination is abhorrent to our staff as well as to my family members.

10. What is abhorrent to me need not be abhorrent to you.

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