About Us

About Us :

The Aravind Academy is our English Teaching Institute. We are teaching English for the last 25 years. More than 5000 students from all walks of lives have learned English from us. After our online venture with this website to teach other students from all corners of this world, the number of students who directly and through-online learn English from us has gone up many-folds. We are proud of extending our knowledge and services to these aspirants of English language. Although the real number of students who got benefited from us is unknown, we thank them all for making use of our online resources.

Our Institute is headed by RAVI THANGAVEL who is qualified with a Graduate Degree and many years of teaching experience behind him. He is taking efforts to add more and more pages to this website so as to make this website a comprehensive one.

Since English has become an international and multi-cultural requirement to do business all around the world, we have ventured into Teaching English to all those need this language.

Our Contact Details are :

The Aravind Academy,
1 / 203 : North Street,
Tamil Nadu,
India – 621710.
MOBILE NUMBER : 9942735899 & 7708595369
E-mail ID : englis55@english-grammar-today.com

About Us :


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