Abstract Nouns formed from Adjectives

Abstract Nouns formed from Adjectives :

Abstract Nouns can be formed from Common Nouns or from Verbs or from Adjectives.

Many Abstract nouns are formed from adjectives by adding the suffix NESS or the suffix RY.


Few other changes should be made in the adjectives to form their respective abstract nouns.

Adjective…..Abstract Noun

1. angry…..anger
2. anxious…..anxiety
3. beautiful…..beauty
4. Bitter…..bitterness
5. brave…..bravery
6. Broad…..breadth
7. chaotic…..chaos
8. compassionate…..compassion
9. courageous…..courage
10. curious…..curiosity
11. Dark…..darkness
12. deceitful…..deceit
13. Deep…..depth
14. evil…..evil
15. False…..falsehood
16. generous…..generosity
17. Great…..greatness
18. High…..height
19. Honest…..honesty
20. Hot…..heat
21. Humble…..humility
22. humorous…..humor
23. imaginative…..imagination
24. intelligent…..intelligence
25. jealous…..jealousy
26. joyful…..joy
27. Just…..justice
28. Long…..length
29. loyal…..loyalty
30. lucky…..luck
31. luxurious…..luxury
32. mature…..maturity
33. opinionated…..opinion
34. painful…..pain
35. peculiar…..peculiarity
36. Poor…..poverty
37. Proud…..pride
38. Prudent…..prudence
39. responsible…..responsibility
40. romantic…..romance
41. sane…..sanity
42. sensitive…..sensitivity
43. Short…..shortness
44. Sole…..solitude
45. sorrowful…..sorrow
46. strong…..strength
47. stupid…..stupidity
48. successful…..success
49. sympathetic…..sympathy
50. tolerant…..tolerance
51. True…..truth
52. Vain…..vanity
53. warm…..warmth
54. Wide…..width
55. wise…..wisdom
56. witty…..wit
57. Young…..youth

However, a huge collection of adjectives have distinct forms of nouns that do not require NESS or any other suffix for a formation of abstract nouns. The most common mistake the non-native English speakers make is to add NESS to the adjectives to form abstract nouns whereas there are already corresponding abstract nouns. For example, the adjective WISE has the corresponding noun WISDOM, but many non-native English speakers don’t seem to be aware of it and write WISENESS instead.

Few example sentences with abstract nouns :

1. I wondered at my beauty.

2. Politicians need more rectitude, honesty and Humbleness.

3. He strongly believed that a lot of pride and lack of humbleness were against the teachings of the Holy Book - Bible.

4. We have to admire his courageousness on joining Army after the death his father.

5. You can possess the admirable qualities of humility and wisdom without being humiliated.

6. The length and breadth of this hostel is well known to me.

7. The depth of the meaning of the words he used in his poem is amazing.

8. Cruelty of animals is not only inhumane but also excruciating.

9. Poverty and lack of cleanliness are the curses of the third-world countries.

10. Youth should make an effort to understand the basic truth of the matters.

11. There is only one vacancy for the post of Clerk in this office.

12. Novelty in his ideas is what got him the present job.


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Abstract Nouns formed from Adjectives :

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