Accommodate :

Accommodate : (verb)

Meanings :

1. to provide with a place in which to live or stay

2. to have enough space for

3. to make changes that take into account of the wishes or demands of

Accommodate to : to change (especially oneself) to fit new conditions

Accommodate with : to supply with something that is needed especially money

Example Sentences :

1. One should accommodate oneself to changing circumstances.

2. This hostel can accommodate up to 1500 students.

3. The eye can accommodate itself to seeing objects in different colours and at different distances.

4. The new policies fail to accommodate the weaker-sections.

5. They must accommodate themselves to the situation.

6. My daughter successfully accommodated to Singapore.

7. The bank accommodated with an overdraft to take delivery of the parcel.

8. We can accommodate your family with two bedrooms and a sitting-room.


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