Accusative Case

Accusative Case :

Objective Case = Accusative Case

Now arrange the jumbled words placing the appropriate nouns in the subject position to make meaningful sentences.

• King/a great/was/Alexander.

• The seven wonders/one of / is / The Taj mahal.

• Of lights / is / the festival / Diwali

• Strength/than/better/Wisdom is.

• Destiny/is Character.

• Friends/Gandhiji’s/Books were.

• Mightier than/sword/ Pen is.

• The first Prize/The class got.

• Metal/a heavy/is /Iron.

• Punished/the teacher/the Student.

A noun used as the object of a verb is known as objective or accusative case. It answers the question ‘whom’ or ‘What’. It is used after the transitive verb.

• They play cricket.

• She likes sweets.

• Old people expect kindness.

• He addressed the members of the committee.

• Raghavi caught a butterfly.

Accusative Case

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