Acquaint with

Acquaint with :

ACQUAINT - (verb)

Acquaint with : to provide with information (or) make known to

1. The advocate acquainted the magistrate with the facts.

2. We are already acquainted with each other.

3. We need to acquaint you all with the rules of our culture.

4. It will take more than a month to acquaint myself with the new situations.

5. This textbook acquaints the student with several new concepts.

6. We are not acquainted with the new mayor of this city.

7. Could you, please, acquaint Kumar with the new methods of data-entry-jobs?

8. She is already well acquainted with her new works.

9. We are already well acquainted with each other before we joined this company.

10. Please, acquaint me with your company’s rules and regulations.

Acquaint with

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