Action Verbs

Action Verbs :

Action Verbs are the verbs which are used to indicate the actions of the subject of the verb.

1. He goes to college.
2. They are playing cricket in the college-ground.
3. We are preparing for the forthcoming examinations.
4. You are walking along the Ganges.
5. It takes you to the other side of the river.
6. My sister is living in our native village.

Is the above examples, goes, playing, preparing, walking, takes and living are the verbs which speak about the action of the subject of the respective sentences.

Since the verb speaks about the action of the subject, it is called action verb.

Action Verbs are otherwise called dynamic verbs. Both the physical and mental actions can be notified by these verbs.

1. They think of coming to your house.

In the above sentence, THINK is a mental activity whereas COMING is a physical activity. But, both are treated as action. Both (THINK and COME) can be treated as action verbs.

1. I dream of going to Russia.
2. We perceive of passing the IAS exams in flying colours.

Here DREAM and PERCEIVE are mental actions whereas GOING and PASSING are physical actions. But all are action verbs.

Action Verbs

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