Active Voice and Passive Voice

Active Voice and Passive Voice :

Change from passive to active voice.

1. Courses in Economics and Finance were offered in the College.
2. Food is served by our eatery until 11 p.m.
3. Were you impressed by his intelligence?
4. How many guests were invited by you for your marriage?
5. I was given proper advice on tax matters by my accountant.
6. Neighbours attended to the ill man in their building.
7. Most members did not attend the President’s speech.
8. A lot of useful facts are contained in this book.
9. Are spurious medicines sold by this shop?

Mrs. Mehta has gone on a holiday to her mother’s house. She has left instructions for Mr Mehta on the various little jobs that he has to do in the house. Convert each of her instructions into passive voice.

1. Put the garbage outside before 8 a.m.
2. The milkman will give you one litre milk at 8:30 a.m.
3. Boil the milk. The maidservant will keep it in the fridge later.
4. The cook will make the food and place the dishes on the table.
5. Take your medicines along with your breakfast.
6. The watchman pays the electricity bills. Give him the money and the bill.
7. The maidservant completes her work by 4:30 p.m. She will give the keys to the neighbours.
8. Mrs. Jain will give you the key when you return home.
9. Mrs. Jain has invited you to her house for dinner tomorrow.
10. I have written all the instructions on a paper. I have kept the paper on your desk.

Fill in the blanks with the passive forms of the verbs given in the brackets.

How paint is made.

Paint used on the walls and on metal surfaces………. (make) from a mixture of raw materials like pigments, binders, solvents and fillers. The raw matenals………. (mix and grind) in a mill where they………. (convert) into a paste. Other chemicals………. (add) to the paste and the paste………. (adjust) for the proper viscosity, solvents………. (add). The proper shade of colour……….. (match) by the supervisor. When the process is complete, a sample (sent) to the laboratory, where it………. (test). When the quality test………. (pass), it is ready to ………… (fill) into containers. The containers………. (pack) into cartons and are ready……… (dispatch) to customers.


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Active Voice and Passive Voice

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