Active Voice into Passive Voice

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Active Voice into Passive Voice :

Put the following into the passive.

1. Scott wrote this story.

2. Rupa is washing the clothes.

3. Aruna has cooked the dinner.

4. I will finish the essay in a few minutes.

5. The dog bites strangers.

6. Shah Jahan built the Taj Mahal.

7. They invited me to the party.

8. The birds have eaten the grain.

9. Bees make honey.

10. Everybody has forgotten him.

11. Who broke the glass?

12. Where did you put the umbrella?

13. I have sold my bicycle.

14. They are repairing the bridge.

15. We prohibit smoking.

16. They offered me a chair.

17. I have kept the money in the safe.

18. You ought to return the book today.

19. People speak English all over the world.

20. They chose him leader.

21. Somebody must send for a doctor at once.

22. The police arrested him on a charge of theft.

23. We can gain nothing without effort.

24. I want everybody to understand this clearly.

25. We will discuss the question at a meeting tomorrow.

26. Where did you find this pen?

27. People said that he was jealous of her.

28. I expect you to arrive on time.

29. Did the boy lock the door?

30. How much has the government spent on them?

31. People will soon forget it.

32. He hates people making fun of him.

33. You may pay the money by cheque.

34. We expect that prices will go up further.

35. People say that the company is in difficulties.

Active Voice into Passive Voice

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