Adjectival Phrases

Adjectival Phrases :

Sometimes a group of words does the work of an Adjective. Now read the following pairs of sentences.

The Russian navy was defeated. The Navy of Russia was defeated.

The judge was a generous man. The judge was a man of a generous nature.

The valuable document was found yesterday. A document of great value was found yesterday.

In each of the above pairs of sentences, we have first a single word qualifying the Noun and then a group of words qualifying the same noun.

For Instance, the group of words of Russia describes the navy. It therefore does the work of an Adjective and is called an Adjective Phrase.

Study the following table of Adjectives and the Adjective Phrases that are the equivalent to them.

Adjective.....Adjective Phrases

A golden ring....A ring made of gold

A popular hero ....A hero liked by the people

A populous city....A city having a large number of Inhabitants

A deserted village....A village without any inhabitants

A religious man....A man of a religious nature

A Silken turban...A turban made of silk

Adjectival Phrases

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