Adjective and To-Infinitive

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Adjective and To-Infinitive :

1. I am glad to come.

2. She is afraid to go alone.

3. We are anxious to know the result.

4. They are eager to visit the museum.

5. We will be happy to accept your invitation.

6. I am sorry to leave so early.

7. He was pleased to come to my house.

8. We are ready to go.

9. He is sure to succeed.

10. The old man is unfit to work.

11. We are likely to win the match.

12. She is unable to finish the essay.

13. We are sorry to say this to you.

14. He is ready to stand by you.

15. They are pleased to come to our track.

The adjectives used in this pattern include those which express a feeling or a state of mind (glad, happy, sorry, afraid, willing) and a few others like sure, certain, likely, able and unable.

Adjective and To-Infinitive

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