Adjective of Quality

Adjective of Quality :

The adjectives which are used to describe the quality of the nouns are called adjectives of quality.

Chennai is a big city.
Adjective is BIG. (Adjective of quality)

The cake is very sweet. (Adjective of quality)

1. The city is clean.
2. The boy is beautiful.
3. The bus is new.
4. The sweets are delicious.
5. We are hungry.
6. He is a fool.
7. They are distinguished friends.
8. Silver is costly these days.
9. Gold is most wanted metal among Indians.
10. We were asleep when the thief entered our house.
11. His father is an honest watchman.
12. My parents are dedicated ones.
13. The university is famous one.
14. This century saw advanced technologies even invented.
15. You yourself can see the attractive girls studying in this school.
16. There are many colorful flowers in the garden.
17. Bangalore is a metropolitan city in India.
18. The oval shaped tables are not prepared in China.
19. The blue sarees are not mines.
20. This book is one of the most popular ones in India.

Adjective of Quality

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