Adjective of Quantity

Adjective of Quantity :

Have some food.
SOME is an adjective of quantity.

As the name suggests, the adjectives which are used to show the quantity of the nouns which are used are called adjectives of quantity.

In the above example, the quantity of the food suggested to be used is SOME. So, the word SOME is treated as adjective of quantity here.

There are many such words which are used as adjectives of quantity.

Some, enough, few, one, two, three, etc., are those words.

1. We have enough food for our tour.

2. He has few pencils in his box.

3. They are only five people.

4. I have many cars. (Adjective of number)

5. Little doubt is there over this matter.

6. Your parents are aged people.

7. Many people attended his funeral.

8. Most students obey the rules.

9. She has only less than hour to complete her projects.

10. Much has been said about this issue.

11. In a couple of days, we will go out of India.

12. They take out only half of the items with them.

13. More than few hundred students are there for this seminar.

Adjective of Quantity

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