Adjective Phrase

Adjective Phrase :

An Adjective Phrase is a group of words that does the work of an Adjective.

1. Mr. Pratab Singh is a wealthy man.
2. Mr. Pratab Singh is a man of wealth.

1. Have you seen a blue-eyed girl?
2. Have you seen a girl with blue eyes?

1. There are many deserted villages in India.
2. There are many villages which are deserted in India.

Study the following sentences with reference to Adjective Phrases.

1. An intelligent man, in great difficulties, is sure to come up in life.
2. A man, without an enemy, is a man with no friends.
3. A friend in need is a friend indeed.
4. Only a woman of wonderful beauty can conquer a man of courage.
5. Do you know the story of the noble Padmini?
6. I met a beautiful girl from a village.
7. A man, with bad temper, must also be a man of action.
8. It is of no use.
9. This is a matter of great importance.
10. This programme has an advantage of committing us to nothing.

Adjective Phrase

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