Adjectively and Adverbially

Adjectively and Adverbially :

Definite Numeral Adjectives denote exact numbers.

One, two, three etc. (Cardinals)
First, Second, Third etc. (Ordinals)

1. I have got one brother and two sisters.
2. The second daughter is a doctor.
3. The first son is an I.A.S. officer.

Two - The Number
Three - The Number

1. There are three houses in the street.
2. The third house is mine.
3. The first house belongs to my second sister.

First : (determiner) before anything else - before the others

Joseph arrived first.
The word FIRST is an adverb which modifies the verb “arrived”

Joseph was the first to arrive.
The word FIRST is an adjective gives more meaning to Joseph.

Note : Some Adjectives can be used as adverbs also.

1. I'll have to find my keys first. (adverb)
2. Is this your first visit to Delhi? (adjective)
3. I will die first. (adverb)
4. She is beautiful. (adjective)
5. She sings beautifully. (adverb)
6. It is a terrible accident. (adjective)
7. He looks a tired man. (adjective)
8. He looks tired. (adjective)
9. A fast car goes fast. (adjective & adverb)
10. Stand clear of the gates. (adverb)
11. The plane goes direct to New Delhi. (adverb)
12. Take it easy. (adverb)
13. That suits me fine. (adverb)
14. It is a fine example. (adjective)
15. You can eat free in my hotel whenever you like. (adverb)
16. You are a free bird. (adjective)
17. Hit it hard. (adverb)
18. It is a hard case. (adjective)
19. I am arriving late. (adverb)
20. She is sitting pretty. (adverb)
21. It is a pretty doll. (adjective)
22. There is no direct flight to Cairo. (adjective)
23. It is an easy problem. (adjective)
24. It is a clear case. (adjective)

The words first, tired, fast, clear, direct, fine, free, hard, pretty, etc., are used both adjectively and adverbially.

clear : (adjective) - easy to see through - free from anything that darks or darkens
The sun shone out of a clear sky.
The instructions are not clear.
It is a clear glass.

clear : (adverb) : in a clear manner
When I get clear of my debts, I will start a new business.
You can see clear before you.

tired : (adjective) feeling weak
I am a tired man.
The same tired old subjects come up year after year.
She looks tired. (adverb)

right : (adjective) on, for or belonging to the side of the body away from the heart -
In my right eyes, there is a dark spot.
She is very right in her view. (right - left - Political view)

right : (adverb) towards the right.
Turn right at the cross roads.
Did you do it right?
I am right behind you there.

Adjectively and Adverbially

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