Adjectives :

An adjective is a word that describes a noun or pronoun.

black sea ('black' - adjective qualifies 'sea')
happy girl ('happy' - adjective qualifies 'girl')
successful man ('successful' - adjective qualifies 'man')

A word used with a noun to describe or point out the person, animal, place (or) thing which the noun names or to tell the number or quantity is called an adjective.

We define an adjective as a word used with a noun to add something for its meaning.

The clever girl also looks beautiful.
The girl is clever.

Clever girl - clever - it is an attribute to the noun 'girl'.
The girl is clever.
Clever is adjective.
It is used after the verb - predicatively.

1. Adjectives can be used either before the noun or after the verb.
2. He is an honest man.
3. The man is honest.

Study the following sentences.

1. It is a beautiful song.
2. She is beautiful.
3. He looks tired.
4. The engine is very quiet.

beautiful - qualifies 'song.
tired - qualifies 'he'
quiet - qualifies ’engine’

Beautiful, tired and quiet are adjectives.

1. I ate some food.
2. The minister showed enormous patience.
3. He has little wisdom.
4. I have lost all his wealth.
5. I have no sense.
6. She is industrious.
7. These fruits are sweet.

Some, enormous, little, all, no, industrious, these – are adjectives.

Food, Patience, Wisdom, Wealth, Sense, She, Fruits — are the nouns or pronouns that are qualified by the adjectives.

  1. Kinds of Adjectives
  2. Adjective of Quality
  3. Adjective of Quantity
  4. Adjectives of Number
  5. Definite Numeral Adjectives
  6. Definite Numerals
  7. Indefinite Numeral Adjectives
  8. Indefinite Numerals
  9. Distributive Numeral Adjectives
  10. Demonstrative Adjectives
  11. Interrogative Adjectives
  12. Adjectives and Adverbs
  13. Cardinals and Ordinals
  14. Adjectively and Adverbially
  15. Adjectives with Verbs
  16. Uses of Adjectives
  17. Emphasizing Adjectives
  18. Exclamatory Adjectives
  19. Adjectives from Nouns
  20. Adjectives from Verbs
  21. Adjectives from other Adjectives
  22. Formation of Adjectives
  23. Past Participles and Adjectives
  24. Adjectives and Their Antonyms
  25. Comparison of Adjectives
  26. Comparative and Superlative Adjectives
  27. Irregular Comparatives and Superlatives
  28. Formation of Comparatives and Superlatives
  29. Adjectives of more than two syllables
  30. Formation of Comparative Sentences
  31. Formation of Superlative Sentences
  32. Sentences with Superlatives
  33. Superlatives can be used without nouns.
  34. Irregular Comparison
  35. Difference between Later and Latter
  36. Difference between Elder and Older
  37. Difference between Farther and Further
  38. Difference between Nearest and Next
  39. Comparatives but Positives
  40. Latin Comparatives
  41. Sentences with Adjectives
  42. Sentences with Comparatives and Superlatives
  43. Adverbs of Degree
  44. MORE and LESS used in Comparisons
  45. Adverbs of Degree in Comparisons
  46. Changing The Degree of Comparison
  47. Adjectives used as Nouns
  48. Adjectives used as Singular Nouns
  49. Adjectives used as Plural Nouns
  50. Adjectives used with Phrases
  51. Adjectives and Their Positions in Sentences
  52. Attributive Adjectives
  53. Predicative Adjective
  54. Adjectives Used Predicatively
  55. Adjectives Used Attributively
  56. Participles used as Adjectives
  57. The Correct Usage of Adjectives
  58. Some and Any as Determiners
  59. Correct Usage of Some and Any
  60. Correct Usage of Each and Every
  61. Each and Every as Determiners
  62. Correct Usage of EACH OF
  63. Correct Usage of BOTH
  64. Correct Usage of ALL
  65. Correct usage of LITTLE
  66. Correct usage of A LITTLE
  67. Correct usage of THE LITTLE
  68. Correct usage of FEW
  69. Correct usage of A FEW
  70. Correct usage of THE FEW


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