Adjectives followed by Prepositions

Adjectives followed by Prepositions : A

1. Abandoned to his fate
2. Abounding in fish
3. Abounding with fish
4. Absorbed in study
5. Acceptable to a person
6. Accomplished in an art
7. Accountable to a person
8. Accountable for a thing
9. Accurate in his statistics
10. Accused of a crime
11. Accustomed to riding
12. Acquainted with a person or a thing
13. Acquitted of a charge
14. Adapted to his tastes
15. Adapted for an occupation
16. Addicted to bad habits
17. Adequate to his wants
18. Affectionate to a person
19. Afflicted with rheumatism
20. Afraid of death
21. Agreeable to his wishes
22. Alarmed at a rumour
23. Alien to his character
24. Alienated from a friend
25. Alive to the consequences
26. Allied to a thing
27. Allied with a person or country
28. Amazed at anything
29. Ambitious of distinction
30. Angry at a thing
31. Angry with a person
32. Annoyed at a thing
33. Annoyed with a person for something
34. Answerable to a person
35. Answerable for his conduct
36. Anxious for his safety
37. Anxious about the result
38. Applicable to a case
39. Appropriate to an occasion
40. Ashamed of his dullness
41. Associated with a person
42. Associated in some business
43. Assured of the truth
44. Astonished at his rudeness
45. Averse to hard work
46. Aware of his intentions

Adjectives, followed by Prepositions, are arranged in Alphabetical Order.

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Adjectives followed by Prepositions :

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