Adjectives followed by Prepositions

Adjectives followed by Prepositions : E

1. Eager for distinction
2. Eager in the pursuit of knowledge
3. Earnest in his endeavours
4. Easy of access
5. Educated in the law
6. Educated for the bar
7. Effective for a purpose
8. Eligible for employment
9. Eminent for his learning
10. Employed in gardening
11. Empty of its contents
12. Endeared to all men
13. Endowed with natural ability
14. Endued with natural ability
15. Engaged to some person
16. Engaged in some business
17. Engraved on the memory
18. Enraged at something done
19. Entangled in a plot
20. Entitled to a hearing
21. Enveloped in mist
22. Envious of another's success
23. Equal to the occasion
24. Essential to happiness
25. Exclusive of certain items
26. Exempted from a fine
27. Exhausted with labour
28. Exonerated from blame
29. Exposed to danger
30. Expressive of his feelings

Adjectives, followed by Prepositions, are arranged in Alphabetical Order.

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Adjectives followed by Prepositions :

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