Adjectives followed by Prepositions

Adjectives followed by Prepositions : I

1. Identical with anything
2. Ignorant of English
3. Ill with fever
4. Imbued with confidence
5. Immaterial to the point
6. Immersed in water
7. Impatient of reproof
8. Impatient at an event
9. Impatient for results
10. Imperative on a person
11. Impertinent to his master
12. Implicated in a crime
13. Inclined to laziness
14. Inclusive of extras
15. Incumbent on a person
16. Indebted to a person
17. Indebted for some kindness
18. Indebted in a large sum
19. Indebted to him for his help
20. Independent of his parents
21. Indifferent to heat or cold
22. Indignant at something done
23. Indignant with a person
24. Indispensable to success
25. Indulgent to his children
26. Infatuated with a person
27. Infected with small pox
28. Infested with rats
29. Inflicted on a person
30. Informed of a fact
31. Inherent in his disposition
32. Inimical to a person
33. Innocent of a charge
34. Insensible to shame
35. Inspired with hope
36. Intent on his studies
37. Interested in a person or thing
38. Intimate with a person
39. Introduced to a person
40. Introduced into a place
41. Invested with full powers
42. Invested in stocks and shares
43. Involved in difficulties
44. Irrelevant to the question
45. Irrespective of consequences

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