Adjectives followed by Prepositions

Adjectives followed by Prepositions : R

1. Radiant with smiles
2. Ready for action
3. Ready in his answers
4. Reconciled to a position
5. Reconciled with an opponent
6. Reduced to poverty
7. Regardless of consequences
8. Related to a person
9. Relative to a question
10. Relevant to the point
11. Remiss in his duties
12. Remote from one's intentions
13. Repentant of his sin
14. Repugnant to his wishes
15. Repulsive to his feelings
16. Requisite to happiness
17. Requisite for a purpose
18. Resolved into its elements
19. Resolved on doing a thing
20. Respectful to one's superiors
21. Respectful towards one's superiors
22. Responsible to a person
23. Responsible for his actions
24. Restricted in means
25. Restricted in ability
26. Restricted to certain persons
27. Revenged on a person for doing something
28. Rich in house property
29. Rid of trouble

Adjectives, followed by Prepositions, are arranged in Alphabetical Order.

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Adjectives followed by Prepositions :

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