Adjectives of more than two syllables

Adjectives of more than two syllables :

Adjectives of more than two syllables and many of those with two form their comparatives by using the adverb more with the positive and the superlative by using the adverb most with the positive.

Splendid : (adjective) - grand in appearance or style – impressive

1. Their wedding was a splendid affair.

2. This picture is more splendid than the other.

3. Taj Mahal is more splendid than any other building in India.

4. Taj Mahal is the most splendid of all buildings in India.

5. No other building in India is as splendid as Tbj Mahal.


1. Beautiful…..more beautiful…..most beautiful
2. Courageous…..more courageous…..most courageous
3. Difficult…..more difficult…..most difficult
4. Learned…..more learned…..most learned
5. Proper…..more proper…..most proper
6. Tiring…..more tiring…..most tiring
7. Exact…..more exact…..most exact
8. Tragic…..more tragic…..most tragic
9. Catastrophic…..more catastrophic…..most catastrophic
10. Unbelievable…..more unbelievable…..most unbelievable

Janu is more beautiful than Latha. (comparative)
Latha is less beautiful than Janu. (comparative)

I am the younger in my family. (not correct)
I am younger than other members in my family. (Correct)

Your pronunciation is worst than mine. (not correct)
Your pronunciation is worse than mine. (Correct)

Note :

The comparative is used to compare things or people that are separate from each other. The Superlative is used to compare one member of a group with the whole group (including that member).

Adjectives of more than two syllables

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