Adjectives of Quality

Adjectives of Quality :

Qualitative Adjectives can be used to describe the quality of living beings or non-living things. These adjectives are abstract by nature. They could be sensed only. They are gradable which means that they can form their own degrees.


The adjective GOOD is common among the words which we use in English language.

He is a good boy.

There are other tow adjectives related to the adjective GOOD. They are BETTER and BEST. So, they give us the degree of goodness. There are innumerable adjectives belonging to this type. English language is full of this type of adjectives to describe the nouns which sentences will usually have. Only this type of adjectives adds beauty and colours to the writings that we come across in English Language.

Few Adjectives of this type of adjectives :

1. Amazing
2. Artificial
3. Black
4. Bluish
5. Boring
6. Bookish
7. Bulky
8. Clean
9. Cheap
10. Damp
11. Dear
12. Dark
13. Devastated
14. Dirty
15. Fair
16. Faithful
17. Fat
18. Feathery
19. Foul
20. Funny
21. Furry
22. Glassy
23. Glorious
24. Green
25. Groan
26. Hairy
27. Healthful
28. Interesting
29. Long
30. Lengthy
31. Neutral
32. Pathetic
33. Painful
34. Plump
35. Purple
36. Red
37. Reddish
38. Roar
39. Rough
40. Round
41. Sad
42. Scary
43. Short
44. Silky
45. Sour
46. Sugary
47. Sweet
48. Tall
49. Thin
50. Thud
51. Yellow

Example Sentences with this type of adjectives :

1. My servants are faithful to me.

2. He is taller than my sister.

3. The silky dresses are costlier than the normal ones.

4. Yesterday we had a rough weather at Chennai.

5. At the end of the college days, we had painful moments.

6. He is funny always.

7. Their foul play was revealed by my father.

8. This long road leads to the bus-stand.

9. The lengthy lecture he delivered yesterday was memorable one.

10. I am lucky man to have such a beautiful and rich woman as my wife.

11. You look angry and hungry. Some thing troublesome is there in your mind.

12. He is the most powerful man in my village.

13. Their political strength is amazing.

14. The new novel written by the young author MARAN is not more available here.

15. All the available books are for sales only.

16. The late night party is not good for your health.


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Adjectives of Quality :

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