Adjectives used as Nouns

Adjectives used as Nouns :

There are many adjectives which are often used as Nouns.

1. The courageous (= courageous persons) are not always cautious people.

2. The poor (= poor people) know not how the rich suffer.

3. The rich (= rich people) are not always rich and the poor (= poor people) are not always poor.

4. The cautious (= cautious people) are not always adventurous.

5. Adventure is always there for the adventurous ( = adventurous people).

6. The meek (= meek people) are always blessed.

7. I am not a lover of the beautiful (= beauty in general).

8. The rich often do not know how the poor suffer.
9. Neither the wicked are bad nor the righteous are good.
10. The poor are always there to vote for us.
11. The rich never care for the poor.

The plural nouns denote a class of persons.

The wicked = wicked people
The righteous = righteous people
The courageous = courageous people
The poor = poor people
The meek = meek people

Adjectives used as Nouns

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