Adjectives used as Plural Nouns

Adjectives used as Plural Nouns :

Some Adjectives are used as Singular Nouns for denoting some abstract quality.

1. The past unsighed for and the future sure.
2. I always hope the future will be better.
3. The future is my only property.
4. The lovely and the beautiful are always deceitful.
5. I am not a lover of the beautiful (= beauty in general).

Some Adjectives are actually used as nouns and so they are used both in Singular and Plural Numbers.

1. Neither Australians nor Indians are lazy.
2. Some Italians also live in India.
3. Canadians as well as Americans love to eat fish.
4. The Japanese are industrious.
5. I happened to see an American and a German on the road.
6. They were seen in very familiar conversation with each other.
7. The juniors in the college are not eligible for the boat race. Only the seniors are admitted here.
8. I have more respect for criminals than (for) saints.
9. Before God, all are equal. He knows not either inferiors or superiors.

noble : (noun) : a person of the highest rank
noble : (adjective) : deserving praise and admiration.

Some nobles make a savage attack on the poor.

Savage : (adjective) : forcefully cruel or violent in fierce

Savage : (noun) : a member of an uncivilized or undeveloped tribe or group

Indian civilizations flourished while Europeans were still savages living in caves.

Mortal : (adjective) : that will die (or) not living forever

We are all mortal creatures.

mortal (opposite) immortal

moral : (noun) : usually plural – especially - a human being as compared with a God or spirit

We are all mortals with all our human faults and weaknesses.

Sweet : (adjective) : having a taste like that of sugar

1. I always like apples as they are sweet.
2. The girl looks very sweet in her pretty dress.
3. How sweet (= gentle & kind) of you to remember my birthday.

Sweet : (noun) : a small piece of sweet food made of sugar or chocolate

1. Eating sweets is bad for teeth.
2. Are we having any sweet today?
3. Ice-cream is my favorite sweet.
4. Don't cry, my sweet (loved one).

Note : 'Sweet' can be used as a noun both in singular and plural number.

Bitter : (adjective) : having a sharp biting taste, like beer or black coffee without sugar - (bitter, sour, sweet)

bitter : (noun) : bitter beer - A pint of bitter, please

bitters : (non-plural) : a bitter usually, alcoholic mixture of plant products of mixing drinks

valuable : (adjective) : worth a lot of money having great usefulness

This ancient gold coin is not just valuable. It’s priceless.

But, "invaluable" means very valuable indeed.

Their advice proved invaluable to us in our journey.

Valuable : (noun) : something (especially) small such as a piece of jewellery that is worth a lot of money.

The guests may deposit their valuables in the hotel safe.

Eatables : (noun) : I do not like to take hotel eatables.

Adjectives used as Plural Nouns

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