Adjectives used with Phrases

Adjectives used with Phrases :

Some Adjectives, when used in certain phrases, work as nouns.

  1. In future, I shall not give you free consultations.
    In future : preposition phrase (in - preposition) - (future : noun)

  2. In short, I know nothing about the murder.
    [In short - preposition phrase (In - preposition) - (short - noun)]

  3. Terrorists work in secret.
    [in secret – preposition phrase]

  4. Before long, the marriage ended in divorce.
    [Before long : preposition phrase] (Before - preposition)

  5. Before long, the ministry will fall.
    [Before long - preposition phrase] (- shortly)

  6. At present, I am having lot of difficulties.
    [At present - preposition phrase)

  7. It seems to be all quiet, at present.
    [at present - preposition phrase]

  8. The man has left India for good.
    [for good - preposition phrase]

  9. At best, the sale will get me not more than Rs. 1000.
    [At best - preposition phrase]

  10. At best, he is a good administrator. But an honest man, he certainly is not.
    [At best - preposition phrase]

  11. My wife stood by me, through and thin.
    [through - preposition]

  12. I have gone through thick and thin in my life (good and bad)
    [Through thick and thin - preposition phrase]

  13. I want to have the business terms in black and white (in writing).
    [in black and white - preposition phrase]

  14. My Financial position is going from bad to worse.
    [from bad to worse - preposition phrase]

  15. The long and short of it is that I have no faith in the council of ministers.
    [The long and short of - preposition phrase]

  16. Right or wrong, she is my wife.
    [Right or wrong - preposition phrase]

  17. Just as Adjectives are used as Nouns, so also Nouns can also be used as Adjectives.

She is a college girl.
It is a marble palace.

The long and (the) short of it - the general request expressed in a few words

Right or wrong - Whatever it may be whether it is right or wrong

[The long and short] - Right or wrong – adjectives used as nouns

Adjectives used with Phrases

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