Advantages of Games and Sports

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Advantages of Games and Sports :

Games and sports are very essential for all round development of man. To become a healthy man, they are very essential. They are of great help to make the limbs supple and the body fit. The sportsman’s digestive organs work tremendously. So he feels hungry and consumes food with love. The bad elements of the body come out as sweat. So there will not arise the problem of visiting a doctor often and often.

Another fundamental thing that a person learns is the love the game above the prize. Prize is not an important thing in sports and games. It is how the person played and how he treated and behaved with others. A true sportsman treats both the success arid failure alike. This equilibrium of mind helps the man in his future life. The games and sports provide an ideal recreation.

In recent times, the games and sports have occupied a prominent place not only in the educational institutions but also private and public undertakings. There are private sports clubs also like volleyball, kabaddi, basket ball and football. Unfortunately, there is one-sided development in this field. Most of the people are crazy about cricket and even the sports ministry has ignored other types of games and sports. This is not a correct policy. All types of games and sports should be developed on the same line and the necessary fund should be allotted to all of them. Then only a harmonious development of the nation is possible…if not it leads chaos and hatred.

There are many sports-men who became prominent in their respective fields of professions later in their lives. Many politicians, businessmen, artists, actors and educationalists are there as witnesses for all of us to see that involvement in sports is a very good investment. This investment will give profits only in the later period of life. We should be reay to reap the benefits. Winning prize is not the motto in the sports. Participation is the mooted question.

Advantages of Games and Sports

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