ADVERB and TO-Infinitive

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ADVERB and TO-Infinitive :

Too + adjective (or adverb) + TO-Infinitive

1. She is too weak to carry the box.

2. She is so weak that she cannot carry the box.

3. He is too poor to buy a bicycle.

4. He is so poor that he cannot buy a bicycle.

5. She is too proud to listen to me.

6. He was too angry to speak to me.

7. He was too busy to answer her letter.

8. My friend is too tall to stand up in the bus.

9. The boy is too lazy to work.

10. My sister is too young to go to school.

11. The coffee is too hot to drink.

12. They arrived too late to catch at train.

13. He spoke too fast to be understood.

ADVERB and TO-Infinitive

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