Adverb Clauses

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Adverb Clauses :

An adverb clause, like an adverb, tells more about (or modifies) a verb, an adjective or an adverb.

The meeting began before I arrived. (modifies BEGAN) - tells when the meeting began.

She is prettier than I thought. (modifies PRETTIER) - tells how pretty she is.

He speaks so fast that you can't understand a word. (modifies FAT) - tells how fast he speaks.

Note : Don’t be misled by the word that introduces a subordinate clause. We can say what kind a subordinate clause is by asking : is it doing the work of a noun, an adjective or an adverb?

Some conjunctions can introduce clauses of more than one type.

Look at the following :

I had left when he arrived. (Adverb clause….modifying HAD LEFT)

I don’t know when he arrived. (Noun clause….object of DON’T KNOW)

Do you remember the time when he arrived? (Adjective clause….qualifying TIME)

Notice also that a subordinate clause modifies / qualifies the words in another clause on which it depends.

Adverb Clauses

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