Adverb Phrase

Adverb Phrase :

An Adverb Phrase is a group of words that does the work of Adverb. An adverb phrase, like an Adverb, also modifies an Adjective or Adverb.

1. Milk is good for health.
2. The Prime Minister on the whole does well.
3. The Prime Minister has done well on the whole.

1. The member answered rudely.
2. The member answered in a very rude manner.

1. You see the bird everywhere.
2. You see the bird in all places.

1. The matinee-idol is coming now.
2. The matinee-idol is coming at this very moment.

Study the following sentences with reference to Adverb Phrases.

1. Nothing can live in the Moon.
2. Three fishermen went sailing over the sea.
3. In her ear, he whispers gaily.
4. I have read the Ramayana to my great delight.
5. The army fought to the last man.
6. The manager shouted to his assistants at the top of his voice.
7. Keep her at arm's length.
8. I have read Shakespeare to my great profit.
9. His motor cycle ran over a cat.
10. He got the post by means of trickery.

Adverb Phrase

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