Adverb THE

Adverb THE :

THE : (adverb) - [used in comparisons to show that two things happen together]

1. The more he works, the richer he becomes.
2. The more he eats, the fatter he gets.
3. When do you want this done?
4. The sooner…the better…
5. The cow is not properly taken care of.

THE : (adverb) - [used in comparisons to show that someone or something is more or less than before]

1. She has had a holiday and looks all the better for it.

2. The professor tried to explain the Relativity theory to me. But I was none the wiser.

3. I still did not understand.

THE : (adverb) [used for showing that someone or something is more than anyother]

The greatest = extreme

1. I like you the best.
2. I had the greatest difficulty of understanding my wife. ‘

Study the following expressions.

1. The more…the merrier…
2. The fewer…the better…
3. So much the better…
4. The sooner the better…
5. I have tried it and I am so much the better for it.

It may be noted that THE is used as an adverb only with an adjective or another adverb in the comparative degree.

Adverb THE


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