Adverbial Clause

Adverbial Clause :

Adverb Clauses = Adverbial Clause

Main Clause + Adverbial Clause

1. Sam got off his bicycle when he saw Miss Mary coming.
2. Jones ignored Joe after they had quarreled.
3. We didn't feel warm even though it was bright sunshine.
4. I had such a bad cold that I could not go to work.
5. Kate played much better than her opponent did.
6. I worked so that I may earn money.
7. As we had very little money, we couldn't buy the tickets.
8. Because we arrived too late, we went without lunch.
9. Please lend me a pound in case there is anything to buy.
10. Mr. Bush has not spoken a word since he arrived.
11. Mrs. Booma will give her husband tea before she goes out.
12. I will try hard although I have no chance of winning.
13. I shall feel quite safe so long as I have you with me.
14. You will be late if you don’t hurry.
15. There will be some food available in case you need it.
16. I am going to wait here until she comes back.
17. I shan't be able to go unless we get a telephone message.
18. Mrs. Peter is going to swim after she has finished her work.
19. Tom won't be able to play football, while he has a cold.
20. I enjoyed the film a lot more than my friend did.
21. No. He dislikes going a great deal less than Jim does.
22. Mr. Richman likes swimming far more than his wife does.
23. Mr. Palson loses his glasses a good deal more often than he used to.
24. The girls are playing a lot less noisily than they did yesterday.
25. Mr. Engineer has driven almost as far as Mr. Ash does.
26. The man is not as poor as he looks.
27. I am not quite as stupid as they say I am.
28. It is five degrees warmer now than it was at seven O'clock.
29. She opened it just as you wanted her to.
30. As far as he could travel, he is allowed to travel in India.
31. He paid the fees in cash as you wanted him to do.
32. As soon as she has finished her work, Hemalatha will write to her friend.

Adverbial Clause

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