Adverbial Phrases

Adverbial Phrases :

We have seen sometimes a group of words does the work of an adverb. Examine the following pairs of sentences.

1. (A) She answered rudely. (How?)
(B) She answered in a rude manner. (How?)

2. (A) He was a magistrate then. (When?)
(B) He was a magistrate in those days. (When?)

3. (A) God is everywhere. (Where?)
(B) God is in every place. (Where?)

In each of the above pairs of sentences, we have first a single word (an Adverb) modifying a verb, then a group of words modifying the same verb. For instance, the group of words ’in a rude manner’ tells us how? She answered. It, therefore, modifies the Verb answered. Such a group of words that does the work of an Adverb is called an Adverb Phrase.

Study the following table of adverbs and the Adverb phrases that are equivalent to them.

Bravely…..In a brave manner or with bravery

Foolishly…..In a foolish manner

Undoubtedly…..Without doubt

Carelessly…..Without any care

Formerly…..In former times, or once upon a time

Immediately…..At once, or without delay

Soon…..In a short time, or before very long

Recently…..Not long ago

There…..At that place

Abroad…..In (or to) a foreign country

Upwards…..Towards a higher place or level

Adverbial Phrases

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