Adverbials of Time

Adverbials of Time :

The following and other adverbials of time may be placed at the beginning to emphasize them.

1. every now and then
2. every now and again
3. every so often
4. again
5. once
6. twice
7. three times
8. four times
9. five times
10. every minute
11. every hour
12. every day
13. every month
14. every other minute
15. every two
16. every three
17. every minutes
18. every few minutes
19. every hours
20. every days
21. every few seconds

These adverbs are usually placed after the main verb at the end of the sentence or clause.

1. Yes. I see her every now and then.
2. To become perfect, one must practise again and again.
3. I have pressed it four or five times but nothing happens.
4. Suri meets Sheela twice a week, I think.
5. The lightning flashes several times every minute.
6. There are several planes to Mumbai every day.
7. The lazy worker seems to take a rest every other minute.
8. I have told her again and again not to put them there.
9. Once a week, he gives a musical recital in the Academy.
10. Every night, I set the alarm clock.

Adverbials of Time

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