Adverbs of Degree 

Adverbs of Degree :

Adverbs of degree tell us the intensity of an action and modify an adjective, a verb another adverb. They are placed before the adjective or adverb and answer the question - HOW MUCH.

Note :

An emphasising adjective may be sometimes confused with an adverb of degree. Emphasising Adjective qualifies a noun whereas an adverb of degree qualifies a verb, an adjective or another adverb.

For example :

1. He knows me quite well.
2. I nearly had an accident.

Sentences with appropriate adverbs of degree :

1. Breakfast is pretty ready.
2. Tom, in my opinion, is really mad.
3. I am quite satisfied!
4. I am really sorry for the delay.
5. She is good to hurt anyone.
6. I know him very well.
7. I accidentally bumped into my friend.
8. They are badly exhausted from the trip.
9. Gerry lives a terribly stressful life.
10. The concert was superply wonderful.

Adverbs of Degree

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