Adverbs of Degree

Adverbs of Degree :

The Degree of Comparison of an adjective can be changed in a sentence without changing the meaning of the sentence.

Adverbs of Degree are often used with comparative adjectives and adverbs, especially in clauses.

The most common are….

1. Much
2. Far
3. A lot
4. Quite a bit
5. A great deal
6. A little
7. Rather
8. Not... Much
9. Not... Any
10. Not... All that much

Study the following sentences.

1. He is only a little heavier.

2. Yes. She works much harder.

3. Mr. John is much older than his wife is.

4. She is a little heavier than her husband but not very much.

5. The large plantains are not any riper than the small ones.

6. How much heavier is an elephant than a man? It is a lot heavier.

7. Delhi is a great deal farther from Chennai than Mumbai is.

8. My motorbike is not at all that much older than yours - only three months.

9. Mrs. Booma feels a little better than she did last week.

10. Mr. Raj works much harder than he used to.

11. Miss. Anandi has arrived far earlier than she usually does.

12. Tom can run quite a bit faster than the others.

13. Wilson has done this exercise far worse than he did the last one.

14. Mrs. Watson finished her work far quicker than he had expected to.

Adverbs of Degree

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