Adverbs of Degree

Adverbs of Degree :

Adverbs of Degree and Adverbs of Quantity are one and the same.

1. The Government is too careless over Mehem issue.
2. These fruits are almost ripe.
3. The party is fully prepared to face the election.
4. The weather is very fine.
5. It is good enough for my purpose.
6. She is so glad.
7. He is altogether mistaken.
8. Things are no better at present.
9. My wife sings pretty well.
10. The court is quite right.
11. Do not disturb me. I am rather busy.
12. The judge is partly right.
13. Sita is as tall as Ram.

The adverbs in these sentences are called adverbs of degree or quantity.

1. Very
2. Good
3. So
4. Altogether
5. No
6. Pretty
7. Quite
8. Rather
9. Partly
10. As

They show how much or in what degree or to what extent.

Adverbs of Degree

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